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When it comes to door security, you need a safe and efficient solution to control entry to your residential and commercial buildings. Stop the burglar installs a fine range of intercoms at your premises that have been carefully sourced from superior manufacturers in the intercom industry.

Whether you require single-user intercoms or complex digital video entry systems for multi-door access, we have Melbourne’s leading range of products to offer.


As the most respected Japanese brand of intercom systems, Aiphone products are exported to over 60 countries across the world. Ideal for home, commercial, industrial and apartment applications, you can choose from sophisticated video entry systems, luxury apartment video intercoms and more.

Designed to last, Aiphone delivers on technical excellence and reliability. Whether you need intercoms suitable for premises with high background noise or video camera and card reader communication systems, there’s a product for every demand.

Every Aiphone intercom is a result of painstaking attention to detail, contemporary European design, the finest quality hardware and circuitry, engineered, built and 100% pre - tested for sustained trouble - free service.



Valet’s Australian-made music and video home intercom systems combine advanced technology and simplicity. You can enjoy the convenience of a multi-station intercom system while distributing music throughout your home either from the built in radio receiver or another source of your choice. With a home pager to all rooms, you can benefit from front door answering security with a colour video system enabling you to see who is at your front door.

Stop the burglar also specialize in the service and repair of much older valet intercom systems installed in the 80's to component level, models such as valet vm2000, valet vm1200, valet mm400, front door answering and mini intercom, if steve can't fix it - nobody can.


Specially designed for apartments and multi-story dwellings, ACI Farfisa intercoms are Italy’s finest security export. Their comprehensive range of products includes single audio systems to audio and video systems for up to a staggering 9,000 apartments.

By utilising both analogue and digital systems, ACI Farfisa intercoms can adapt to your specific application needs, right here in Melbourne. Focusing on the needs of all user requirements the world over, these products are installed in over 60 countries around the globe.


Highly respected brand of wired and wireless intercom systems, Panasonics products are high quality and long lasting. Ideal for home, commercial, industrial and apartment applications, you can choose from sophisticated video entry systems with easy to carry wireless monitors.

With the growing concern over physical security, surveillance cameras have been installed outdoors more and more in every industry sector and public space from towns, airports and railroad stations to offices, retailers, healthcare providers and more. Installing cameras under the open sky with expensive outdoor housings became required.

Today outdoor-ready cameras offer high-waterproof performance. External housings are no longer required but other points need to be considered when installing cameras outdoors. Panasonic has shipped the largest number of outdoor vandal resistant cameras in the security camera industry. Panasonic has the latest technologies for outdoor surveillance cameras.

Panasonics latest addition to its wireless intercom product line, connects to your smartphone over wi-fi when in range, or over the internet when you are away.

Records pictures of visitors that you can view at a later time, as well as emailing to your smartphone so you can see whose at the door from anywhere in the world. Connect up to four smartphones to the latest wireless intercom from panasonic - IOS and Android compatible.

Both panasonic models of wireless intercoms can also replace your old or faulty intercom system, usually on the existing wiring without too much hassle.



Watch a quick glance on Panasonic's wireless video intercom system. The Wireless Video Intercom System VL-SWD501 watches over the safety of your entire house.


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